Slacker University Team Members
The Story of Slacker:
Slacker University was founded in late 2017 by Ross Friedman, an incoming freshman at Suffolk University in Boston, with the goal of creating a more inclusive, safe, and fun nightlife option for college students. Having started a similar company during his high school years, Friedman used his local connections to become Boston’s premier college-focused promotion company in less than a year. This business would quickly expand via social media to become America’s Largest Touring College Party, with a presence at over 25 campuses across the country, 150k+ social media followers, and over 30k event attendees per year.

Looking to the Future: Slacker University continues to expand to even more cities and college towns around the country, bringing our message of inclusivity & positivity with us. We look forward to bringing 10’s of thousands of students together at our events and creating memories that will last a lifetime.